Waterfall Location One
A gorgeous tall and slender falls cascading into a blue-green pool. The pool is deep enough to get in chest-high most times of the year. The area directly below the falls is shallow. Rocks are slick but an easy pool to navigate. Lots of beautiful areas around for "out of water" photo opportunities. The falls can be at a trickle during times of drought. I always get a wonderfully calm feeling when I am here.​​​​​​​
Waterfall Location Two
A wide cascade with a large pool below. At the edge of the pool is shallow area usually around ankle deep with an overhanging cliff surrounding it. The flow of this waterfall is not affected greatly by rainfall. The shortest distant hike of all the locations but it is also a popular swimming spot which can make it difficult to find privacy certain times of the year. The light is gorgeous early in the morning!
Waterfall Location Three
I saved the my favorite location for last! A beautiful location with TWO waterfalls! The first a long cascade with a small pool at the bottom and lots of big boulders around it. The second falls (video) is a gorgeous clear pool with a smaller falls. These waterfalls are dependent on steady rainfall to be running at capacity (see the photos in my portfolio of the couple to get an idea of a low-flow period). Best in the spring. The hike takes around 30 minutes.
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