Flexible Payments for your In The Wild Experience

Tailor made creative sessions are all about having fun, taking a day for self-love, and seeing yourself in a whole new light. One thing it shouldn't be is stressful! That's why I am introducing pre-payment plans that can fit any budget to make sessions easy to afford.
Flexible Payments on YOUR Schedule
I totally understand that you want the FULL In The Wild experience which means purchasing a beautiful album, wall piece, digitals and MORE! Thinking about how to pay for it all can be hard and I want to make it super simple so you can focus on what's important... YOU! That's why I am offering in-house, interest free automatic payments to fit all budgets. 
What are the details?
+ $500 deposit to start the pre-session payment plan
+ Payments are automatically withdrawn
+Flexible plans for the remaining $1700 balance
+ Plans available up to 18 months for purchases over $2500

Do I qualify?
Absolutely! Anyone with a valid credit/debit card can sign up for the pre-payment plan! All clients will be required to pay minimum pre-session payment. This payment can be made through the pre-session payment plan or in full within two weeks of the date of booking.

What if I want to upgrade my purchase on the session date?
No problem! After meeting the $2200 minimum amount, all remaining balances can be paid on the day of the session OR if you plan to purchase over $3000, you can choose to do a post-session payment plan. No products will be ordered until the balance is paid IN FULL.

What does the $2200 minimum payment include?
The minimum payment includes the $500 session fee and $1700 product purchase. Please note that tax is not included in this amount but will reflect in the payment plan.

How do I sign up for the pre-session payment plan?
By booking a session with In The Wild Studio! First, let's chat on the phone where I will tell you all about what is involved in a session and answer any questions you may have. 

Can I set up a payment plan for more than the $2200 minimum?
Absolutely! When you receive the price list, we can adjust the payment plan to meet the needs of the collection or products you wish to purchase.
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